August 2014

Bondage Bed Torment

Cast: Natalie
Genres: Fetish, Femdom, Strapon

The slavebabe is chained down to the bondage bed in Babe Natalie's chamber. She is teased, whipped and tormented and then fucked with ice tubes, before Gal Natalie puts a huge strap-on dildo on the bondservant hottie and brings herself off on it.

Ruthless Cock And Ball Torture

Cast: Michelle
Genres: Fetish, Femdom, BDSM

Michelle has a cock to torture and she does! Mistress Mistress Michelle beats this cock and balls with her crop merciless. Mistress wants to destroy this cock and you can tell by the welts she she creates on his cock. The slave is an agony but will do anything to please his mistress. Mistress gets so much enjoyment torturing his cock and does not care if she gets carried away. Mistress Michelle is ruthless and and shows no mercy on his cock and balls.

Mistress Michelle Uses Cock To Cum Edges Slave

Cast: Michelle
Genres: Fetish, Femdom

Michelle's slaves cock is nice and hard so she decides to take a ride on it. Mistress Michelle makes sure the slave knows he better not even think about cumming. Mistress Michelle fucks the slave had and fast cumming all over his cock. The slave is an agony and wish he could be allowed to cum. Mistress Michelle tortures the slave and has multiple orgasm on his cock without allowing him to cum. Mistress Michelle wants to make sure the slave gets blue balls so after she is done using his cock to cum she edges the slaves cock with her hands.

Fucked and Milked in Clingfilm

Cast: Natalie Black
Genres: Fetish, Femdom, BDSM

The slave is wrapped to the bondage bed and used for Lady Natalie's pleasure. First his cock and balls are tied and his nipples clamped and suctioned. Then she fucks him hard, before milking him dry

Fuck My Pussy Dick Face

Cast: Eliza
Genres: Fetish, Femdom

Goddess Eliza has a very high sex ! When her boyfriend is out of town, she still needs to get plenty of action. For this reason, she has slaves to satisfy her every need. One of her slaves has the incredible privilege of being her personal dick face. That's right. His face is nothing but a cock for Goddess Eliza to use when she needs to get fucked. She commands him to fuck her and fuck her as she humiliates him. The scene gets very hot and intense with Goddess Eliza having a wonderful orgasm. Her slave gets nothing

Kikki tight’s delight

Studio: Tainster

An outdoor birthday party would not be replete without a horny, hot babe willing to go all the way with five well-hung studs! This cutie-pie really enjoys pleasuring these guys, sucking them in tandem and letting them take turns fucking her tight cunt until she''s dripping. She really take a liking to the cum shower she gets in the end, but that''s not half as wonderful, and fun, as the full-on piss fest she receives as a parting gift!

Hitomi in Bukkake

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Hitomi Tanaka
Genres: Bukkake
Video language: English

Hitomi in bukkake action!"I like cocks, so the more the merrier!" she quickly replies.