Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’ – 5

Release Year: 2013
Genres: Femdom, Ballbusting

Coach Buck goes "a-breast" too far

Eva is minding her own business working out when this dirty old pervert shows up blows his whistle and introduces himself as "Coach Buck".
Coach Buck convinces Eva that in order to get a really good workout she will need to release her tits and let them bounce. Eva goes along with this at first, but when Buck starts to touch and squeeze her massive 34-J tits, she figures out he is just a dirty old pervert who needs to have his balls busted.

Testicle Wrestling 5

A fully nude Eva takes on a fully nude Bryan where she immediately grabs ahold of his bare exposed balls, which she then squeezes, punches, kicks, knees and slaps.... she even beats him with her massive tits!
All this testicle abuse takes the fight out of Bryan, relegating him to a pathetic defense and the occasional attempt to punch her massive tits, which only provokes her even more and makes her assault on his balls that much more more aggressive!

Ballbusting Auditions - Eva Notty

Big Breasted Porn Star Eva Notty makes her debut Ballbusting Audition here at BBFL!
Eva's 34 J tits bounce and jiggle as she delivers kicks, knees, stomps, punches and full running kicks to Bryan's low hanging balls which also bounce and jiggle every time she strikes them!
There is defiantly a pornographic feeling to this audition as Eva routinely grabs Bryan's balls after kicking or punching them to fondle, inspect and even kiss them before getting back to pulverizing them again! Eva truly loves low hanging testicles and has a hard time keeping her hands off of them! She gets so involved with his balls at times that she giggles as she plays with them before returning to the abuse..... with Eva, Ballbusting is like love and hate, she mixes in the perfect mixture of each which makes this a brutal, yet sexy audition!
....And yes, we slowed down the best kicks, knees and punches for your viewing pleasure! Triple & Double takes as well!

An Interview with Eva Notty

If you like our interviews, then without a doubt this is a Must Have! Hell even if you're not the interview type, this interview will probably turn you into an interview fan! Yes it's that good, and no we're not saying that just to sell you a clip... Eva Notty as it turns out LOVES, JUST LOVES BALLS! She professes her love for balls over and over again in this interview... she even says that testicles make a man more attractive than his dick! And the bigger and low hanging the balls the better she says!
Eva tells us a story of a former friend who had such low hanging balls that when he would sit on the toilet, his balls would dip into the water and how much balls like that just drive her crazy!
She tells us that a guy with small balls deserves to be kicked more as she believes this will make his balls bigger and hang lower.
With all this talk about balls lets not loose sight of (how could you) her GIGANTIC TITS which come in at 34 J! The “J" stands for “JUST FUCK” as these have to be the biggest and most fuckable tits we have ever seen here at BBFL! Later into the interview we added a new segment which was suggested by a fan of our interviews.... "have the girls chooses from a selection of tools and decide which she would most want to use to destroy a mans balls and why"...... well Eva chooses her ball smashing tool and tells us why with a wink and a smile
This interview also sets a new time duration record for us... coming in at 33 minutes, it is packed full of so much it's just way too much to describe here.... she has a very bizarre story about a time when her dad got into a bar fight where he cut off the other guys dick, which she now says she has in a jar on her mantle! INDEED!
Eva MIG welds, likes to work on old cars, builds dawg houses and loves to have one night stands! Wow, Eva sounds like some sort of perfect woman!
Trust us you have to watch this interview! You will not be disappointed!

Total size: 1.1 GB in 4 files.

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