Palm Grilled Tarts DVD

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Red Hot Video Productions

Angelina Hart Here we have a slinky long legged bottle blonde with the temerity to describe our assignment as "the lowest budget job I've ever done."To be sure this impertinent, gum chewing, movie star wannabe is accustomed to being feted like visting royalty before dropping her drawers to diddle herself with a vibrator or some such. Nonetheless, we had just paid perfectly good money for the motel room we had by then set up our cameras in, hence we were in no mood to be trifled with.The tension in the room was nearly as thick as the cigarette smoke. Perhaps it was really about her bored "I'm cool and you're not" demeanor or the way she casually interjected profanities into her spoken sentences, then again maybe it was really all about that superb looking ass of hers.Whatever the ultimate cause, the final outcome was in fact every bit as inevitable as it was enjoyable... for us.Admittedly the tart's language didn't improve any once our man set upon this most necessary task. The truth be told, it got rather worse.Miss Hart's manners not withstanding, there is certainly no faulting the quality of her hindquarters. Sleek, elegant and silky smooth to the touch, this is a bottom that has undoubtedly been coveted by many and lovingly kissed by more than a few.Our man chooses instead to give it cause to dance. And dance and dance and dance it does!It is doubtful whether Ms. Hart's conduct will improve any in the long run but she will without question recall her dance partner for many, many a day to come.

Anna Sundquist Paybacks are a bitch.Three years ago we flew this admittedly gorgeous glamour puss clear across the country to do some modeling for us. No sooner did she step off the plane than she announced that she had changed her mind. "Our body of work" she explained was not "on par" with the image she wished to project, or some such shit.No apology, no offer to reimburse us for her airfare and hotel, no nothing.In due course the larcenous little tart faded from our memories altogether, until just recently that is. It seems that Anna, having contracted to do some modeling for an associate of ours, was back in town - on our dime once again - and now she was giving our associate a hard time. That's when we elected to send our man over to, shall we say, communicate our displeasure in language Ms. Sundquist was sure to understand. Good communication skills are of course an essential tool in today's tough business climate and never more so than when dealing with someone who doesn't necessarily have your best interests at heart. In such circumstances a good communicator knows always to address himself directly to the bottom of the problem.Oftentimes he'll find it necessary to repeat the thrust of his argument for awhile, sometimes for a very, very long while. Most importantly, he should never lose sight of his matter how elusive it may become.

Keli Anderson It was a frigid February morning when this bewitching little blonde crossed our doorstep but the chill that followed her in had little to do with the weather."I hate mornings and I'm in no mood for any of your shit" Keli announced to our associate Terry by way of a greeting. Keli's behavior once the camera shutter began clicking confirmed the veracity of her declaration as if any such confirmation were necessary.On the plus side, Keli looked every bit as good as her modeling portfolio had led us to believe and so our steadfast associate anticipated getting some very fine images nonetheless. Unfortunately her model would prove utterly lacking not only in the social graces but also in anything even resembling motivation.That's when Terry wisely elected to put down the camera and pick up the phone whereupon she consulted with our in-house talent director.Happily he was but a short drive away.No sooner did his eyes fall upon this pouty faced little slut than he knew precisely how to proceed. Ms. Anderson's naked butt cheeks bouncing and wobbling under robust retribution present a decidedly more agreeable visual for all and sundry. No less pleasing is the clean crisp sound produced each time his calloused palm finds its mark with unerring accuracy.Perfect musical accompaniment for a "lady" singing the blues.Admittedly the diva's singing could have been better. Off key, high pitched, strident and overloud it was.Were it not for her sincere phrasing, Keli's vocals might well have spoiled the mood.Instead, the overall presentation was simply marvelous !Best of all this mornings' entertainment would continue without pause or intermission for nearly twenty solid minutes.Bravo !

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:03:00
Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 568.5 MB

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