HuntersLair – Secretary’s weekend of terror

Release Year: 2010
Studio: HuntersLair
Cast: Carissa Montgomery
Genres: BDSM, torture, bondage, fetish, spanking, punishment
Video language: English

Pretty blond secretary Carissa Montgomery has been late for work and as punishment her boss has told her she will have to work this weekend inventorying the old warehouse. She knew it was bull but she really needed to keep her job. She hated the gloomy old place and there was no one around on the weekends. She looked at the old junk pissed off mummling to herself about having to work on the weekend. She didn't hear the stalker until it was too late. He grabbed her from behind lifting her off the floor with one hand clamped tightly against her mouth. Carissa kicked and struggled but he was to strong for her as he carried her away. Her wrists were tied behind her back as he lead her into another part of the warehouse to keep her out of the way while he looted the place. He had more rope and a roll of duct tape. He stuffed an old rag into her mouth then wrapped her head with duct tape sealing the rag inside. He then turned her around and tied her poor elbows tightly together. Carissa winced in pain as her shoulders were stretched back and her elbows crushed together. She didn't think it was possible to touch her elbows behind her but he did it anyway. Next to her horror he tied a rope around her waist and lifting her skirt he ran the rope down into her crotch and feeding the rope through the ropes binding her wrists pinning them to her waist. He then pulled her to sit down on an old cart, but Carissa had enough and she seized her chance to try to escape. She kicked him in the chest with her stiletto heels and watch in amazement as he fell back sprawling on the floor. Carissa leap to her feet and ran. She didn't know where to run but she knew she needed to find a place to hide until she could plan her next move. She ran wildly into the warehouse darting in and out between the old machines. She finally found a tight place to crouch down and wait. She was breathing hard through her nose as her mouth was still sealed shut with the duct tape. She fought to catch her breath as she heard him approach she held her breath. After she was sure he passed she got to her feet and snuck out on her tiptoes. She moved slowly as not to make any noise keeping close to the machines. She knew where the exit was and prayed she would make it before he found her again. But her hopes were dash just as she rounded a corner. With the exit in sight she started to run but he leaped from no where grabbing her. He pushed her onto an old bench seat and pinned her to the seat. He had more rope and he tied her ankles tighlty together. Then her pulled her ankles up to her wrists and brutally hogtied her on the seat. He left her there helpless, but before he left he told her that he had planned on making a call to the police after he left. But he changed his mind because she kicked him so she would have to spend the entire weekend bound, gagged and alone in the old warehouse until Monday morning when the workers returned to work.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 5:00
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1150kbps
Audio: 188kbps

File size: 48.4 MB

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