Babydoll Bottoms DVD

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Shadow Lane
Cast: Sarah Blake, Dia Zerva, Dragon Lily

Featuring initiation discipline via spanking, paddling and invasive toy penetration, both vaginal and anal, in a classic sorority story of trickery well punished.

The story is simple, as sorority stories usually are. Dia and Lily want to get into Lambda Sigma Zeta, because they know it is the coolest sorority ever. They ask Sarah, who has already pledged, to tell them what will be required during the initiation. Sarah earnestly describes the sort of discipline they will have to expect, namely hard bare bottom spanking, along with deep dildo penetration, Lambda Sigma Zeta being The Sex sorority. Then the auburn haired manipulatrix quickly demonstrates the type of spanking the coeds should gird themselves for, taking each of them over her lap in turn, and delivering two hard, fast, bare bottom spankings to the would-be pledges, reddening both their bottoms thoroughly.

Then, straight-faced, Sarah recommends that Dia and Lily practice spanking one an other hard and penetrating each other with sex toys, to get in training for the initiation on the following day.

Dia and Lily are a bit resentful that Sarah spanked them so hard without any warm up, but gamely follow her advice and practice spanking each other as hard as they can take it, as well as using sex toys to bring each other to true Lambda Sigma Zeta nirvana, which is only obtained through orgasm.

As humiliation is part of every initiation, Lily tries out the ponytailed buttplug dildo on Dia while she spanks her. Then Lily spanks Dia and takes her pussy with a very large chromium dildo.

Next, Dia takes her turn at topping Lily, spanking her vigorously and penetrating her with several toys, including a butt plug that lights up and a butt plug with a looped handle, continuously fingering Lily's pussy and clit, in an irresistibly seductive style. Dia fucks Lily deeply and completely while using toys alone and murmuring in the Asian beauty's ear in a girl-takes-girl scene for the books.

The next day, when Sarah enters the common room of their house, she is met by two highly peeved coeds. Dia and Lily immediately confront Sarah with the fact that they were able to easily pledge to Lambda Sigma Zeta that morning, without any type of physical initiation, only having had to enthusiastically endorse freedom of sexual expression and repeat Lambda Sigma Zeta forever.

The tricked victims of Sarah's mischief immediately begin to take a harsh revenge on the devious redhead for not only spanking them hard but conning them into spanking each other.

Taking Sarah over their laps together, Lily and Dia bare Sarah's creamy white bottom for a protracted spanking session and then an extreme interlude with a very large, thick pink rubber phallus, which fits snugly enough up Sarah's pussy and when accompanied by the siren song of a vibrating wand, skillfully wielded by Dia, who proceeds to bring the scheming redhead off in masterful style. The way Dia handles Sarah will leave the connoisseur of lesbian love breathless with admiration.

Babydoll Bottoms is the first chapter in the Our Sorority series, (which has been a popular favorite with our girl spanks girl fans from the early 1990's) that includes both vaginal and anal penetration as part of in the house sorority discipline. Babydoll Bottoms features a full compliment of invasive toys to punish and embarrass both the new pledges and senor sisters into submission. And of course, it is teeming with bare- footed, babydoll clad feminine pulchritude.

This was our second video with the fabulous Dia Zerva and the first with two lovely new talents in the spanking scene: the adorably bratty Sarah Blake and the luscious and sensual Dragon Lily. All three ladies came through as proper Lambda Sigma Zeta girls and have agreed to carry the banner of Lambda Sigma Zeta forever.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:18:56
Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 702.9 MB

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