Living Humble

Cast: Mistress Summer, Mistress Ariel
Genres: Strapon,Fetish,BDSM,Femdom,Submales,All Sex,Genital Punishment, VOD
Video language: English

Get ready to experience a wonderful display of domme action as Mistress Summer softens up the cross dressed slut and then is joined by Mistress Ariel for over an hour of Femdom fun. A sensuous foot and nipple play intro with Mistress Summer and then double domination with humiliation, face sitting and strap-on play.

The hooded slut is in panties and kneeling for Mistress Summer. She wants to use him for Her spittoon. She inserts the metal dental dam into the slave and spits a load into his mouth as Her succulent big breasts almost bobble out of the tight bra. She lies him down and Her long pantyhose clad legs stretch and the business end of Her stilettos find his body a wonderful target to mark and stomp. She swings down to crouch over him with a crop and continues to use Her sharp heels on his body and cock that is trapped under the panties. She removes Her tight black shorts revealing the beautiful pantyhose and continues to sensuously dominate him.

The long legged blonde straddles him and plays with his nipples, twisting and pulling. She turns and spits down into the hole that is his mouth held open by the metal dental dam. She enjoys making his nipples sore and red. She uses the crop on him and then orders him into the cage. Next She is joined by Mistress Ariel who smokes a cigarette and whips the slave as Mistress Summer applies tiny clothespins to the shaft of his cock. They make sure his dick is in agony and then hand him a pair of white pantyhose to put on. He sits down and puts the pantyhose on as they watch, sipping their drinks and laughing. He puts on the pantyhose and is commanded to walk for them.

He walks in his tight white pantyhose for them and is ordered to put on his heels. Mistress Summer retrieves a long yellow dildo from the shelf and sits down on the couch with Mistress Ariel. His humiliation has made Ariel wet and Mistress Summer fucks Her pussy with the dildo as She makes the slave dance for Her in his pantyhose. They tease him and allow him to suck the pussy juice from the dildo several times. Nipple clamps are then administered and he is cropped. Mistress Ariel takes him for a walk, hands bound behind his back with pantyhose, by the nipples as Mistress Summer crops him. The take off the nipple clamps and lay him down flat on his back. Mitsress Ariel steps over his face.

Mistress Summer removes Her bra and frees Her beautiful breasts as Mistress Ariel drops Her wet pussy down and allows the slave to service it with his tongue. She give him instructions on how to lick Her hole as Mistress Summer moves to tease his nipples. He worships pussy and is teased under Mistress Ariel as Mistress Summer sits topless and uses the clamps on his nipple. Mistress Summer peels down his pantyhose and ties up his cock and balls with a pair of tan pantyhose. Mistress Ariel sits back and uses the dildo on Her pussy as Mistress summer ties Her ankle to his cock. His cock is abused and he is cropped.

His cock and ball bondage is tight and tied to Mistress Arielâ s ankle as he lays with his feet in the air sucking the high heel of Her shoe. Mistress Summer is working to lubricate his asshole with her gloved finger and he continues to moan. They tease his cock a bit with the vibrator and keep him sandwiched between the two of them. He is helpless with his hands bound behind him as Mistress Summer puts on Her strap-on and Mistress Ariel sits back down on his face. They allow him to stand and move him to bend over and receive spanking and cropping on his ass. Mistress Ariel cuts a hole in his pantyhose to expose his ass and Mistress Summer sticks Her cock into his asshole. She fucks him as Mistress Ariel moves in front of him and he services Her pussy with his tongue while being fucked.

The slut is taking hard strap-on as Mistress Summerâ s beautiful breasts bobble around as She fucks him She stands tall on Her high heels and Her long legs are gorgeous in pantyhose. Her partner is getting Her pussy licked and enjoying the show. Good humiliation and strap-on and then he is moved to his back and Mistress Ariel unties the pantyhose from his cock and balls and jerks him off. Mistress Summer sensuously plays with his nipples and uses Her breasts to tease his face. They give him a bit of time to produce his cum and then tell him he will not ejaculating today and leave him lying there with a sore cock.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:05:21
Video: 852x480, DivX 5, 2441kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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