I Don’t Want To Be Tied Up!

And did you see the roster of fresh and tormented tarty talent there?? This is their first entry into this niche with an interesting approach, right out of the old days. In this sampling and theatre, the girls have already been tied and secured. In most cases, they are rubbed together, stripped and shamed in various degrees and their task is to struggle and wiggle and try to get free. Gagged with panties, their own, roped to beds, bare feet, there is plenty here for the watcher and wanker who just likes to see trussed up girls. The tramps have pedicured toes and our male host and narrator puts in an appearance. He taunts them and makes perverted comments on their plights. These are some barely legals as well and they are so cute. Some compelled toe sucking?? If they want gags out, its toes in. If not, gags stay in and they continue to twist. Heidi and Saranna are next up and look at those tits. On both of them, but the one on the left. Jeez-us--those boobs can be weather balloons and take over the Doppler Radar. Roped together like a boob sandwich, their titties are just amazing. Two blondes, smiling some as they seem to be having a bit of fun in this one. But you have to pay attention to those huge fucking tits on the left. He promises to release them if they do some tit fighting and boob bashing. Rubbing will suffice, given their plight. Thou doth protest too much and out comes the duct tape across the grills to silence their screams. Amara and Gigi, some girl on girl action. One tied and one smoking, very hot seduction here. More feet and shoe close-ups. Well, say the magic phrase "I'm gonna scream," and the magic tape comes flying across her hole. This snippet has one girl in charge and one girl distressed, one clear top and her bottom. Very sensual for the ladies. Some tickling on the soles of the feet, this will drive her silly. To a love seat we go and two more distressed tarts, bound to each other at the ankles, given to their own squirming and moaning. Dude wants silence so he can watch the pro bowl but these girls are feisty as they keep protesting through their gags. More zooms of toes and feet. That is an obnoxious cell phone as one actually tries to scream for help. At least dude appreciates fine tits. And Gigi breaks him off the finger of defiance. Very nice. Finger chick does not like the narration. Now the blackmail. He threatens to plaster their misery all over the internet. That does get a rise out of them both. Some Alaskan nose rubbing, cute, they like that. Shorts away to the next victim--Celine. What a tasty morsel this one is, more mature, like an M.I.L.F. or the lady next door who becomes a slut when the are drawn. Celine does not think he can tie her up and this rope dance looks like something Savage would be proud of. And nice, red tape across her mouth. Contrasts nice with her blonde hair. She is hogtied like a prize winning calf. Lovely, full, white panties she has. Curled toes, painted nails and wrinkled feet, quite a fest for those into it. She struggles gamely but is in peril of falling right off the bed and onto the floor. To a straight-backed chair and two hot blondes, one busty who is trussed and the other thin who is the teaser. Matching white bra and panties on the subdued, with black tape across mouth and black undies on the topper. More views of feet and painted toes. Ruffles have ridges and our blonde top continues to use her captive as a human chair and munches away. Shannon now becomes equal with Andrea as she was having too much fun. Dude's drinking a Budweiser?? Man, at least drink some beer. This pair squirms nicely. Andrea has some big, round tits, but nothing compared to that other one. For those into these fringe niches, this is the pop stand to visit.

Format: mp4
Duration: 43:27
Video: 640x426, AVC (H.264), 1468kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 507.9 MB

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