StrictRestraint – Bound in Horror Pt II – Ashli Orion

Year: October 25, 2011
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture
Time: 00:12:00 + 00:10:41 + 00:02:21
Description: After being recognized by Ashli, Dick loses his mind ... he fucks her on the bed, then reties her, bent over ... through their encounter, they begin to develope an affinity for each other ... or is Ashli just playing it cool and biding her time? ... Dick cums on her face then begins to make his bid as Ashli's new Master ... But Damon returns and puts an end to the new romance ... then he gets back to his own business with Ashli ​​... she is strung up in a severe hogtie ... her swollen and used cunt takes more as Damon invades with a dildo and vibrator from the rear ... perhaps a bit jealous of the pleasure Dick brought to his new girl, Damon rips the orgasms from her helpless body until he is satisfied ... and leaves Ashli ​​to beg and ponder an unclear future with her new guy ... Ogre ... Once again, this is just a little story we cooked up for Halloween ... these are paid actors and actresses ... Have a great, safe and consensually perverted Halloween!

Total size: 278.1 MB in 3 files.

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