Soma likes it Raw (2013)

Starring: Sea J Raw
Categories: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish

You folks dont see the nice side of Goddess Soma...before the shoot, during negotiations and conversations...Soma is warm, compassionate and friendly as hell...her eyes can smile...and they can scowl...One thing about the Goddess, she is always appropriate...i suppose they just call that being all moments...probably because, for the most part, Soma is a Domme who is comfortable in her own power...she uses her judgments to punish or pleasure and she always chooses the right if she were creating truth in every moment...that truth is the finality of her it's very definition....when Soma plays, she is the Goddess of that time...I am no God for sure, but Soma is much cooler than I...and a much better kisser...By the end of these two scenes, these two are in D/s love...but is starts out very harsh...Soma lays down the law so quickly and leaves no doubts in Sea J's head about who is on top and who is on bottom...and Sea J loves it...and it kinda makes you love Sea J, in a jerk-off kinda way...this woman is so cute and filled with nymph energy...and she likes it's her nakesake...everytime we shoot her, she lives up to it...but Soma is the one who really got into her head...truly powerful women are wicked to watch..

Format: m4v
Resolution: 960x720
Runtime: 36 min.

Total size: 428.8 MB in 3 files.

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