Submission To Mistress Lola

Superstar blonde porn actress Aiden Starr began her career in bdsm films as a redheaded using the name Lola or Mistress Lola. Here, re-released, is one of the first ever movies made by Aiden Starr, as Mistress Lola. As this Rick Savage bondage video begins, Mistress Lola introduces us to one of her personal slaves, Slave Lex, who's affixed to a St. Andrews Cross and wearing a metal blindfold. Wearing a hot black patent leather outfit and rubber thigh high stockings, Mistress begins roughly flogging Lex's nipples and penis. NO gentle warm up for this pain slut. After more harsh discipline, she caresses his body with her tongue, then, the cock and ball flogging continue. The wicked little mistress opts for a more intense pain delivery instrument so she puts down the flogger and picks up a harsh whip and brutally assaults his torso and genitals. Getting more up close and personal, Lola uses her fingernails to caress and rake his body. Her whip and her fingernails pay special attention to his dick.
Mistress releases slave Lex from the cross and straps him into a large chare. She places his legs over the arms of the chair and teases his legs, his feet with her lit cigarette. Time for some serious cbt (cock & ball torture) as mistress begins binding Lex's cock in sturdy bright pink twine. When she finishes the bindings are tight. EXTREMELY tight. After torturing his thighs, torso and cock& balls with the Wurtenberg pinwheel, with the needle points paying lots of attention to the tip of Lex's bound cock, Mistress moves on to electrical torture. She sets her violet wand on the highest setting and begins focusing on Lex's cock and balls. We watch the electrical sparks jump from the wand to Lex's feet, to his legs, but most to the electricity is focused on the tip of his dick. Slave Lex, writhes in pain, his body contorting against the restraints.
Aiden Starr decides it's spanking time so she uses lots of rope bondage to affix Slave Lex to a wood and leather spanking horse. What the blindfolded slave cannot see is that mistress has removed her blouse. As she spanks hard, we now see her incredibly perfect, stunning, full natural tits jiggle with each spank. Lola leans in and bites Lex's ass leaving a perfect imprint of her teeth. After much more hard spanking (and perfect breast jiggling,) Lola begins his caning. Rhythmically, she increases the intensity of the caning and she's using a rather large cane. Lex's body contracts with each cane strike, straining against his bindings. The welts grow in clusters on Lex's red butt cheeks.
Next, Slave Lex is placed on a long bondage table that double's as a rack, stretching Lex to the Max. A dental tool is placed in his mouth, holding his mouth open and serves as a gag. Our pretty mistress has an evil grin on her face as she places the harsh clover clamps directly on Lex's nipples. His nipple torture increases as Lola pulls on the clamps, eventually yanking them off his nipples. She straddles his body, sitting on him and lights up a cigarette. We get the feeling this can't be good for Lex. Apparently Lex was instructed to come in hairless, but Lola has discovered 2 tiny hairs near his nipple. So, she burns them off using her cigarette. OUCH! Just for good measure, our beautiful, diminutive mistress burns his other nipple with the cigarette. In a burning frame of mind, Mistress now uses candles to adorn Lex's body with hot candle wax. Still straddling his body, Lola strips. She takes off all her clothes except her thigh high rubber stockings and black heels. She removes Lex's blindfold for what is about to be an incredibly hot tease sequence. She takes a twisted glass dildo and gently fucks his mouth. She then puts her completely shaved pussy just inches from his mouth. She rubs her clit with his tongue straining to reach. But it's to no avail. Lola's pussy stays just an inch from his dreams. Lola now lubes up the dildo, rubs her pussy, then rubs her clit and labia with the slippery toy. Finally, she inserts the dildo and begins fucking herself, with the dildo just an inch from Lex's face. She commands Lex to stick his tongue out, then rubs the pussy juices from the dido onto his tongue. Lex is bursting with desire, but this is how his session ends. Exploding with desire.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 53:02
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 450.2 MB

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